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Magic Carpet Theatre present shows for theatres, festivals, educational and community
venues, arts centres, and outdoor events. Their children’s theatre productions have
been enjoyed by children in Rome, Singapore, Galway, Edinburgh and Goole!

Mr Albert's BIG Finish!

Follow your dreams… don’t give up… have-a-go… believe in yourself and amazing things can happen, in this inspirational children’s theatre production they do! Mr Albert is faced with adversity, his Theatre is about to close. 

Charlie the Caretaker wants to save it by putting on a show, but they need a Big Finish! Will the Safety Inspector let Charlie do something dangerous? Has Mr Albert got talent and will he perform the Fastest Magic Trick in the World? Can Charlie learn to juggle in time to save the theatre? With the help of the audience, practise makes perfect. There’s loads of visual comedy and audience participation in this colourful show, set in an old theatre, with a gloriously happy ending, packed full of magic and fun.

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Mr Albert’s Big Finish, devised by Jon Marshall, Steve Collison and Jamie Waudby, was inspired by their fascination with the traditional variety acts who toured the music halls and variety theatres in the golden years of variety entertainment, and by the fate of so many variety theatres that were demolished in the 1960s, or at best turned into Bingo Halls.

As in the best melodrama there is a threat from an evil villain, the Health and Safety Inspector, who is eventually thwarted by Charlie’s determination to do something dangerous! ““I want to put my pyjamas on inside-out, I want to go in the exit and out the entrance”, Charlie exclaims , just before he leaps onto a huge rolling globe and attempts to balance on top of it.

There’s loads of audience participation and comedy in this colourful and action packed show and a gloriously happy ending to send out young audiences, and their parents, zinging with excitement.

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If you like funny stories, magic, juggling, comedy and joining in you’ll love Mr Albert’s Big Finish!

For more information call 01482 709939 or contact Magic Carpet Theatre today!
Magic Circus

Company Devised:

  • Directed by: Jon Marshall
  • Set and Prop Design by: Dave Whatt
  • Writers: Steve Collison, Jamie Waudby, Jon Marshall
  • Sound Design by: Phil Smith
  • Costumes by: Neil at Stagewear Unlimited
  • Graphic Design by: James Deighton
  • Lighting by: Robert Forshaw
  • Show Photography by: Silver Image – Paul Leeson-Taylor
  • Full colour Press and Publicity materials available
  • Target Audience: 5 to 11's and families
  • Full Tech details available for all types of venue

Mr. Albert;s BIG Finish
“…I loved it, it was the best show I have ever seen. When Charlie pretended to be Frederico he was very funny. Can you come again
Kimberley, Southcoates Primary School