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Magic Carpet’s shows are extremely adaptable
with versions suitable for presentation to audiences in school
and community venues, arts centres, theatres and at outdoor events


Wizard of Castle Magic – Things will never be the same again when the Wizard's nephew, Mickey, and an invisible cat called Catastrophe, arrive at Castle Magic. Will the Wizard teach Mickey any spells? Will Mickey discover the secret in the Spell Chest? These mysteries and more will all be revealed in this very spooky but funny play for 5 - 11 year olds.

It’s based on the traditional Sorcerer’s Apprentice tale and is guaranteed to enchant audiences of 3 – 11 year olds and their families. The production is set in the Wizard’s castle and the scenery is colourful and interactive with mysterious, moving portraits, sliding panels and trapdoors.

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This is Magic Carpet’s brand new version of their, very popular, company devised production which originally played in schools, arts venues and at Edinburgh Festival. The script is packed full of special theatrical effects, illusion and loads of audience participation. Mickey, the bungling apprentice, accidently turns one of the audience into a frog!

Kids at ShowFor Schools

The Wizard of Castle Magic is an ideal show for pupils of all ages and staff to enjoy in primary schools. In schools the performance lasts about 60 mins. There are versions for Reception/Nursery, KS1 and KS2. There is a Teacher’s Pack available with stimulating cross-curricular activities for follow-up and preparation.

For Theatres

Wizard of Castle MagicFor arts and community venues there is full press and publicity information, brochure copy, images and A3 and A5 paper available. With high production values, a set that is stage filling and lights beautifully, audience interaction, intriguing theatrical illusions and an hilarious script, it is a great audience pleasing family show for all small and middle scale venues.Wizard of Castle Magic Show

For Rural Arts Touring promoters and community venues Magic Carpet are fully self-contained with sound and light rig. To complement the performance a Wizard’s Workshop is available.

Wizard of Castle Magic is a unique and interactive theatre event for kids.
For more information call 01482 709939 or contact Magic Carpet Theatre today!
The Wizard of Castle Magic

Company Devised:

  • Directed by: Jon Marshall
  • Designed by: Dave Whatt
  • Sound Designed by: Phil Smith
  • Costumes by: Stagewear Unlimited
  • Graphic Design by: James Deighton
  • Sound Score by: Phil Smith
  • Props: Karri Furre
  • Illusion Builder: Ian Setterington
  • Effects by: Theatrical Pyrotechnics
  • Target Audience: 5 to 11's and families

Wizard of Castle Magic
“We loved your performance. We really want you to come again. We really liked Mickey. He’s cool. I also liked the music and scenery. Thank you very much. From James”
Our Lady of the Rosary School

Wizard of Castle Magic
“Dear Mickey, I loved it when you said the one on the top tastes like pop. And the wizard said No No No it has to be a word ending in green and you said it tastes like icecream and you drank the potion. Please will you come again next year. Love from Molly”
Millom Infant School