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Our Productions

Ages 3-11s in Bubble groups
Run Time: 30 minutes

Big Box of Magic

The Great Mysto and Company have arrived in town with their travelling Magic show. Expect brilliant magic, wacky juggling, lots of fun and don’t say Sausages! The Big Box of Magic is a pop-up theatre event for children designed for performing 30 minute long multiple shows to school bubble groups.

Ages 5 - 11 & Families
Run Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Wizard of Castle Magic

Things will never be the same again when the Wizard’s nephew, Mickey, and an invisible cat called Catastrophe, arrive at Castle Magic. Will the Wizard teach Mickey any spells? Will Mickey discover the secret in the Spell Chest? These mysteries and more will all be revealed in this very spooky but funny play for 5 - 11 year olds.

Ages 5 - 11 & Families
Run Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Mr. Albert's BIG Finish

Follow your dreams... don't give up... have-a-go... believe in yourself and amazing things can happen, in this inspirational children's theatre production they do! Mr Albert is faced with adversity, his Theatre is about to close. Charlie the Caretaker wants to save it by putting on a show, but they need a Big Finish!

Ages 5 - 11 & Families
Run Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Magic Circus

IT'S A DISASTER! When the artistes and elephants don't arrive for the show the Ringmaster's planned extravaganza has to be left to the Clowns... and they make a fantastically messy job of it! Magic Carpet have taken traditional Circus and Variety skills, dusted them down and invested them with new life and moulded them into an hilarious and mystifying play with a Circus theme.

With high production values, sets that fill a stage, artistic lighting, audience interaction, intriguing theatrical illusions and hilarious scripts, all our productions are audience pleasing family shows suitable for all small and middle scale venues.

For rural arts touring promoters and community venues, Magic Carpet are fully self-contained with sound and light rig.

For schools there are versions for Reception/Nursery, KS1 and KS2. There is a Teacher’s Pack available with stimulating cross-curricular activities for follow-up and preparation. It’s possible to perform two shows in an AM session and one in a PM session.